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Transfer from Ohrid to winery Popova Kula, first we go to Demir Kapija and we visit a museum of wine. The inauguration of the Museum of Wine in Demir Kapija was officially made by the Mayor of the Municipality in the presence of senior officials of the state institutions, officials of the foreign embassies and local citizens on 07.11.2010 year. This museum is the only one of its kind in the Republic of Macedonia, one of 5 in Europe and 12 in the world. The museum celebrates wine,  culture, and the reason for the existence of wine.   The Yugoslav King Aleksandar Karadzordzevic had his summer residence and winery built in Demir Kapija.
More recently, Popova Kula, Macedonia’s first winery with a hotel opened here in 2005. Located on the southern slope of Veliko Brdo, just west of the town, Popova Kula which means “Preist’s Tower” offers stunning views of the valley and the gorge. On a clear day, visitors can even view Mt. Kozuf, a ski center on the Greek border.At Popova Kula, you will tour one of the newest and most modern wineries in Macedonia. After seeing how the wine is made, you will be invited to taste some of Popova Kula's wine, including the famous Macedonian Stanushina followed by a traditional meal at the winery's restaurant. Back to Ohrid.