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Visit cultural and historical places of interest of the city of Strumica and surrounds. . First we visit the monastery complex Vodocha which is located in the village of Vodocha. The legend about the etymology of the name of this place is linked to the day when in 1014 AD Tsar Samoil’s army was defeated by the army of the Byzantine Emperor Basylus II, and 15,000 Macedonian soldiers had their eyes gouged out afterwards. Following this event, the village got the name Vodocha (ochi = eyes). What follows next is a visit to the Monastery of the Holy Mother of God – Eleusa which is a convent now and is situated in the next village of Veljusa Follow this up with a visit to the natural beauties that are the Smolari and Koleshino Waterfalls. Smolari Waterfalls is the biggest permanent waterfall in the Republic of Macedonia and is 38 m high. It is on the river Lomnica, above the village of Smolari.
Koleshino Waterfall is located at an altitude of 500 meters on the river Baba in the bosom of the mountain Belasica, and is surrounded by maple trees and stone cliffs. The water falls from a height of 16 meters. You can look and enjoy its beauty from different sites, from the bridge or from a bench rest.
If you are adventurous, there is an additional trail which ends at the top of the hill and you can stand by the river as it flows down. You can also hang around the picnic area and spend the rest of the day basking in nature.We also have lunch in a local restaurant which offers traditional dishes from Strumica. Return to hotel in the late afternoon hours.