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This tour consists of a visit to Struga, the town of poetry, where an international festival of poetry called the Struga Poetry Evenings, takes place from 25th to 29th August every year. It is also the town of the eel and that was why this town was called Enhalion in the past which meant ‘the town of eels’. The present name Struga is of Slavic origin and it means ‘a hunting ground’. The tour starts from the Drim Hotel, the place where the River Drim flows out of Lake Ohrid. Then we do a sightseeing tour of Struga on foot. The town is located on both banks of the River Drim. First the Church of St Gjorgi is visited, then the Natural History Museum of Dr Nikola Nezlobinski which has more than 10,000 examples of flora and fauna from the Ohrid and Prespa regions. We can either make a coffee break afterwards or continue our tour and go to the small settlement and monastery complex of Kalishta where we can visit the cave church of Sveta Bogorodica (the Holy Mother of God) which was built as a hermit’s dwelling and has frescoes from three different periods. The newly built church is also dedicated to Sveta Bogorodica.
The distance from Vevcani to Sturga is 15 km and leads through two bigger villages – Velesta and Vranista. Walk through the village streets that lead us uphill to the river springs. River springs are not important for the village just for its beauty but also they are life for the villagers – for their every day activities.Walkways by the river are very nicely decorated. The village has a few water mills that still grind corn in a traditional way. Visit one of the water mills.
One of the most significant events held in the village is Vasilica Carnival - held on January 13.Creativity, humor and variety of masks attracts many visitors from home and abroad.
After the walk and exploring the life of the village, can be organized lunch in one of the restaurants (optional) - who are known for traditional dishes, homemade cheese, prosciutto, and home made wine.
Returning to the hotel.