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Visit to the church St. Spas – built at the end of the XVII century and locality were are placed the relics of the great Macedonian Revolutionary Goce Delcev (1872-1903); St. Kliment Ohridski church – magnificent object which is found in the center of the city; St. Andrej – Matka, built in the XVI century, with it’s stylistic, artistically and especially with iconographic frescos presents authentic artistically work; The church Pantelejmon, G. Nerezi – built in the XVII century represent important monument from the Byzantine period; Monastery St. Nikita, which is located near by the Skopje village Banjani, on the mountain Skopska Crna Gora, on altitude above the sea level of around 565 meters. The monastery church was built in the 13077/78 year.